Love handles are nothing but the side bulges that we women often see peeping out form our tight low waist jeans. Unlike belly fats, love handles are quite easy to get rid of. I have few best exercises to lose love handles faster at home.

Plank Hip Dips

Hip dip is a modified version of lower plank with a twisting movement added to the hips.
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Lie down on a mat and hold the lower plank position, and lower your hips side to side trying to touch the floor with your side hip.
If the full plank is getting difficult for you, you can bend your knees and continue the dips in the same way. Do 20 reps in each set.
This movement of hip dips gives a nice stretch to the oblique resulting into reduction of love handles.

Russian Twist

Russian twist is one of the best exercises to get rid of hip fat or love handles.


Sit on the floor with your legs stretched in front. Now, bend your legs in your knees and lift them slightly high (to make it more challenging) or you can also keep them on the floor. Hold something heavy in your hand, can be a dumbbell or a bottle filled with water or sand and twist side to side touching your elbow to the floor.
For making it simpler, you can just do it without holding anything in your arms.

Bicycle crunches

This exercise is grate for your oblique as well as for your upper abs. So, you should defiantly add this to your workout for faster results.


Lie down on your back, place your hands behind your neck and opening your chest. Raise your chest without straining your neck; remember to use your core for getting up.
Now, bring your left leg towards your chest and touch your knee with your right elbow. Do the same process with your right leg and try to reach your left elbow towards your right knee. Do the process in continues motion like left-right-left. Do it for 20 reps in each set and do at least 3 sets of it.

Side hip drop

Again a very good exercise to lose side fats and to tone your abs. Side hip drops also tightens your core increasing your core energy.


Balance your body with the help of your arm and your legs placed one above the other. If this position is getting difficult, you can just hold your body with the help of your arm and fold your legs from the knees.
Now, keeping your core tight, bring your hips to the ground and lift it up to its original position. Same is to be done for the modified version. Repeat it for 20 times in a single set, and dot it in at least 3 sets.

Front bend with weights

Whenever or wherever you get a break from your busy schedule, try to do a simple bending exercise to get a relief from back strain. And of course it also works very well on your love handles.


Stand straight with weights in your hands. Weights could be dumbbells, or water bottle filled with water or sand or it could also be a normal bar.
Now, hold the weight in your hands, bend in your knees a bit and bend down keeping your back straight. While bending try to look in front rather than looking down. And again come back to your normal position. Repeat it for 20 reps in each set and do at least 3 sets of it.

Side bending

Very easy and very effective for your oblique. This exercise gives your side muscles a good stretch and also work upon those love handles.

Stand straight and stretch your arms upward and join your palms together. Now, slowly keeping your back straight, bend sideward and feel the stretch in your oblique. Repeat the same process on same side for 20 times and then switch to another side. Do at least 3 sets of it for better results.

Side leg rise

This exercise works your side hip as well as your side thigh.


Stand straight keeping your arms on your hips. Lift your leg as high as you can from your side, and bring it back but don’t touch the floor. Repeat it on the same leg for 20 reps and then switch to other leg. Do it in 3 sets for better results.

Quick tips:

  • Avoid having sugar in your diet.
  • Do not sit at a same place for longer period (not more than 3 hours).
  • Add high fiber food in your diet.
  • Reduce the intake of refined carbs.
  • Add different exercises to your workout routine for overall fitness.
  • Keep yourself away from stress, as it leads to weight gain.
And that’s it. These were few exercises and some additional tips which will help you in your weight loss journey. I hope you found the article useful. Please do comment and like.
Thank you.